Netflix announces live-action adaptation of “Burn the House Down” manga

Netflix recently announced the production of the upcoming Japanese live-action series Burn the House Down.

The series will feature award-winning actress Mei Nagano, who will play Anzu Murata, and top talent Kyoka Suzuki as Makiko Mitarai, the second wife of Mr. Mitarai, who invites Anzu into her home. This will be Nagano and Suzuki’s first Netflix project together.


Burn the House Down tells the story of Anzu Murata who infiltrates the house of the Mitarai family as a housekeeper in order to reclaim the house and family that was taken from her. The series is based on an original comic by up-and-coming Moyashi Fujisawa, which began serialization in Kodansha’s Kiss magazine in 2017.

The series is set for release in 2023.