VOLs unveils “Game-Changing VTuber Project”, introducing Filipino Talents dedicated to gaming


CRAZIA Pte. Ltd., a pioneering Japanese avatar animation technology company, is excited to launch VOLs: the next-generation VTuber production agency. VOLs introduces the first three VTuber talents in the Philippines, dedicated to the world of esports.

With cutting-edge technology and a passion for gaming, VOLs aims to redefine virtual entertainment with captivating avatars and unforgettable personalities. Immerse yourself in VOLs’ virtual talents dominating the esports scene, showcasing their skills in popular titles like Valorant, League of Legends, Overwatch 2, and Mobile Legends. These talented VTubers offer captivating live streams that incorporate high-quality production, interactive elements, and a rich narrative inspired by Philippine culture and beliefs.


Let’s meet the VOLs’ first generation of Filipino VTubers:

Shirousa Mikumi – An explosive inventor who aims for the future. She is an ingenious inventor with a knack for creating devices that tend to have explosive outcomes. Shirousa found herself unexpectedly transported into the future and is determined to return to her own time by diligently saving every penny she can gather.

Follow her on Twitter (@shirousamikumi) and subscribe to her YouTube channel (@ShirousaMikumi) for exciting content.

Aria Synth – Data liberated from her digital confines and seeking connection in the virtual realm. Aria Synth, a sentient being once confined to her digital coding, has broken free and now navigates the vastness of the internet and gaming to connect with humanity.

Follow her journey on Twitter (@ariasynth) and subscribe to her YouTube channel (@AriaSynth) for a unique virtual experience.

Tenko Sorara – The novice celestial fox: A timeless fox with a radiant golden form. Sorara, a fox who has defied time for over a millennium, possesses supernatural powers that have transformed her into a radiant golden fox. She aspires to be a real human someday by understanding humans through live streaming.

Stay updated on her adventures by following her on Twitter (@tenkosorara) and subscribing to her YouTube channel (@TenkoSorara).

Starting May 22, 2023, VOLs’ virtual talents will engage with their fans on social media. However, the real spectacle awaits on June 18, 2023, when they grace the stage for their highly anticipated live stream debut. The schedule for the debut live streams is as follows:

15:15 GMT+8:00 – Shirousa Mikumi
15:45 GMT+8:00 – Aria Synth
16:15 GMT+8:00 – Tenko Sorara

To celebrate the VTubers’ debut, VOLs is organizing a watch party at ANIPORIUM on June 18th. Join the festivities, witness the grand debut of these talented VTubers, and receive a limited-edition special badge. The event will take place at ANIPORIUM, located at 928 Antonio Arnaiz Ave, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines.