What to do at Otaku Expo: Tanabata Festival 2023


Get ready to dive into the world of anime and manga at the upcoming Otaku Expo Tanabata 2023, set to take place at SM Megamall Megatrade Halls 1-3 on August 19-20.

Inspired by Japan’s Star Festival, the Otaku Expo Tanabata 2023 annually embodies the essence of this themed celebration. Attendees are treated to the atmosphere of this Japanese tradition, complete with captivating decorations and the ever-famous wish tree. Embracing the Tanabata custom, participants are invited to jot down their wishes, granting them a chance not only to wish but the opportunity to win exciting prizes.


Upon arrival, attendees can conveniently purchase tickets on-site, ensuring a hassle-free entry process.

Hall 1 offers a host of captivating features, including a dedicated Photoshoot Area where photographers can capture stunning moments of cosplayers. To accommodate everyone, the space will be thoughtfully divided among photographers. The Tanabata Area brings a taste of traditional Japanese festivities, allowing attendees to partake in games like Goldfish Scooping, Balloon Scooping, and Target Shooting. Those dressed in kimonos can enjoy complimentary treats such as Free Popcorn and Cotton Candy. This area also houses Kimono Rentals and displays for those curious about Japanese traditional wear. Additionally, the Cosplay Guests Meet and Greet provides a unique opportunity to interact with esteemed cosplay personalities like Charess, Tomia, Sansin, TBS, and Hakao. Fans can acquire their merchandise and gain access to meet-and-greet sessions along with photo opportunities.

In the same hall, the Busking Area promises to serenade attendees with live renditions of beloved anime melodies. A Baggage Area is available for secure item storage, albeit with nominal charges. The event goes above and beyond with the #OzineCares Area, thoughtfully catering to the needs of PWDs (Persons with Disabilities) and senior citizens. Meanwhile, a variety of Food Stalls and Refreshments ensure that attendees can stay nourished and hydrated while enjoying the festivities.

Hall 2 houses an Exhibitors Area, inviting attendees to explore and shop for an extensive range of anime merchandise from diverse stores. The collaboration with ROO & Razer Gold gives rise to the Ragnarok Origin Online Café, serving thematic refreshments. Each drink order includes an exclusive cup sleeve embedded with in-game codes. The Stage becomes the center of attention, hosting a slew of engaging contests like Battle of the Bands, Singing Contest, and the iconic Cosplay Competition. Attendees can also show their support for event sponsors like The Japan Foundation, Manila, Razer Gold, @MMineski Slash, and Fuwa Fuwa, with the latter delighting visitors with their delectable bread.

Hall 3 invites attendees to explore the Artists, Merchants, and Cosplayers Alley, offering a chance to connect with favorite artists, merchants, and cosplayers while perusing and purchasing unique items. Hall access varies for different ticket holders, directing VIP Pass holders and Online Ticket purchasers to Hall 1. Re-entry is allowed for VIP, Online Ticket, Pre-Sold, and On-Site ticket holders.

The Otaku Expo Tanabata 2023 stands as a remarkable convergence of anime enthusiasts, cosplayers, and fans of Japanese culture. With an amalgamation of interactive games, captivating performances, and a treasure trove of merchandise, this event guarantees an unforgettable experience for all attendees.