ASUS ROG Philippines brings the World of Teyvat to SMX Aura


ASUS Republic of Gamers Philippines has unveiled the ROG Phone 7 Philippines Championship 2023, an event set to deliver the next-gen gaming experience to the Filipino community. This initiative aims to foster connectivity, technology, and youth engagement. Facilitating opportunities for students across the nation, the championship serves as a hub for friendship and future career development within the esports, entertainment, and technology sectors. The spotlight of the event is Genshin Impact, the renowned RPG game in the Philippines.

Scheduled for September 9, 2023, the Grand Finals of the ROG Phone 7 Philippines Championship will grace SMX Aura. With a substantial prize pool of Php 180,000, the competition is inclusive, welcoming all Filipino gamers and cosplayers. The championship is structured into two sections: team and individual contests. The team category involves squads of four adventurers battling colossal creatures in Teyvat’s challenging realm within a 10-minute timeframe. In contrast, the individual segment necessitates players to strategically deploy their chosen lineup to conquer the formidable Azhdaha Boss.


The journey to the Grand Finals unfolds through Three-Day Qualifiers at Dark League Studios on August 26, 27, and September 3. The ASUS Republic of Gamers PH FB Page will stream the Qualifier Rounds. Following these rounds, the top three teams will advance to the Grand Finals. Additionally, a cosplay competition will run as a parallel event, accessible to all enthusiasts of the game.

This gathering not only showcases gamers’ skills but also fosters camaraderie within the Filipino gaming community. Organized by Dark League Studios, the ROG Phone 7 Philippines Championship 2023 provides a stage for Travelers to exhibit their talents.

Branded as the King of Gaming Smartphones, the ROG Phone 7 boasts the latest Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform and cutting-edge Ray-tracing hardware acceleration. Adorned with a futuristic two-tone design, this smartphone propels Genshin Impact to unparalleled gaming heights. Flaunting a 165 Hz AMOLED display and 720 Hz touch-sampling rate, the device authentically renders Teyvat’s enchanting universe.

Immerse yourself in Genshin Impact’s Teyvat, a world of seven nations, diverse characters, and epic battles against formidable adversaries. Traverse the realm, unveil its secrets, and ultimately reunite with your lost sibling—a journey of wonder and fulfillment.

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