Tier One welcomes Sharlene San Pedro, Bulldog, and 24+ AMPLFY Creators to their roster


Tier One Entertainment, a leading force in nurturing gaming talent, marks a significant milestone as it proudly celebrates over five years of success with its renowned AMPLFY program. In a recent event, the Top Tier Premier held on September 2, 2023, Tier One Entertainment introduced two notable additions to its talent roster: streaming sensation Bulldog and actress-host Sharlene San Pedro.

Sharlene San Pedro, a seasoned showbiz personality, has ventured into the gaming world, showcasing the industry’s growing allure to individuals from diverse backgrounds. Tier One Entertainment’s expert guidance positions Sharlene to make her mark in the gaming industry, captivating both her loyal fan base and new audiences.


Meanwhile, Bulldog, celebrated for his gaming prowess and strong community connections, finds a natural home with Tier One Entertainment. With their support, Bulldog aims to expand his presence in the gaming world while continuing to engage his dedicated followers.

The Top Tier Premier event also saw the addition of 24 new talents to the AMPLFY program, including notable names like Ser Geybin, Teddy Corpuz, Reed Motovlog, Chacha Pega, and Charuth, among others. These talents exemplify Tier One’s commitment to bridging the gap between the gaming world and mainstream media.

Tier One Entertainment places a strong emphasis on values and passion, as Jaba Orellana, Vice President of Talent Operations and International Expansion, explains, “It’s not really just about the numbers… what’s most important to us is that talents like Bulldog and Sharlene have a heart for what they do, and their values align with Tier One.”

Sharlene expressed her advocacy for more female representation in gaming, aiming to show how welcoming the gaming community can be to women. Bulldog, on the other hand, credited Tier One for helping him discover his true self and navigate the challenges of internet fame.

CEO and Co-Founder of the company, Tryke Gutierrez, emphasizes the common denominators among their talents: humility, humbleness, and a genuine passion for gaming.

Under Tier One Entertainment’s management, the promising gaming careers of Sharlene San Pedro, Bulldog, and their dynamic roster of 24 AMPLFY Creators are set to captivate the gaming world.

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