AIDreamin unveils debut original song “REACH THE STARS” at Cosplay Mania 2023


AIDreamin, an indie anime idol group comprising 6 distinct performers, has captivated audiences with their unique charms. Ritsu embodies the role of the “Feisty Leader,” Chess as the “Over the Top Ojou-sama,” Sayaka exudes energy as the “Sunshine Baby,” Seira represents the shy “Sweets Enthusiast,” Asuka takes on the “Tsundere” persona, and Ringo embodies the “Cutesy Model.”

Their recent back-to-back performances at major cosplay conventions and events have been a resounding success. They kickstarted their performance spree at this year’s Cosplay Carnival, followed by Pre-Toycon, Main Toycon, Pre-Tanabata Special, Fusion: Toku x Anime, Collecticon 2023, Manila TokuSpirits Convention, and their latest show at Geekpop Super Turbo.


Drawing from the rich reservoir of iconic songs from the J-pop and otaku community, they’ve showcased their dedication and passion for their craft. Songs like Kawaiikute, Happy Synthesizer, Idol, Sign wa B, Silhouette, and more have been part of their performances, winning them the hearts of their fans.

And the excitement doesn’t end there. AIDreamin is set to grace the stage once again at the Cosplay Mania Mini Jam Concert on October 01, 2023. This event, a prominent stage in the Philippine cosplay community, promises something special from AIDreamin.

In a highly anticipated move, AIDreamin will unveil their first original song, “REACH THE STARS,” at Cosplay Mania. This release marks a significant milestone for the group, showcasing their prowess as performers. From energetic dance routines to heartfelt lyrics, their aim is to demonstrate they have what it takes to ascend the ladder of success.

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Join AIDreamin on their journey to “REACH THE STARS.”

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