Goddess of Victory: NIKKE unleashes the Lion Heart Update featuring the new SSR Leona


Goddess of Victory: NIKKE leaps into the wild with forthcoming Lion Heart update. Roaring into action on January 11th, 2024, fans are in for a safari ride with a new NIKKE SSR drop, storyline, and commodities. The captivating Nikke Leona takes center stage, a guardian of the Happy Zoo. 

As the oldest member of the aptly-named sanctuary, Leona was tasked to care for the most ferocious lions and tigers. With her abilities, she can charm even the most disobedient creatures.


Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Leona Information 

  • Class: Supporter
  • Burst Type: Burst Type I
  • Weapon: Lion’s Roar (SG)
  • Code: Water
  • Manufacturer: Tetra Line

According to the new story event, citizens have voiced their concerns about the protection of ferocious animals in the Ark. As a result, the shelter is temporarily closed. The Happy Zoo squad, who is usually all business, takes this chance to have a relaxing day. The in-game event is set to run from January 11 until January 25, 2024.

For the full list of January 11 updates, see here. More information can be found on the official website.

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