Netflix’s “City Hunter” unveils official trailer


The highly anticipated live-action adaptation of the legendary manga “City Hunter” has unveiled its official trailer. Starring Ryohei Suzuki and Misato Morita, the trailer hints at the budding bond between Ryo Saeba and Kaori Makimura amid thrilling adventures.

The plot revolves around Ryo and his partner, Hideyuki, embarking on a mission to find Kurumi, a famous cosplayer. Tragedy strikes when Hideyuki is killed, prompting Kaori to seek answers. As the story unfolds, the influence of the mysterious drug “Angel Dust” emerges, linking it to the chaos in Shinjuku. Ryo and Kaori set out to uncover the truth, with Kurumi holding the key.


Joining Suzuki and Morita in the cast are Masanobu Ando as Hideyuki Makimura, Ryo’s partner, and Fumino Kimura as Saeko Nogami, a beautiful detective with a long history with Ryo.

City Hunter tells the story of Ryo Saeba, a top-level “sweeper” who cleans up trouble in the gritty underworld with his impressive athletic abilities, elite marksmanship, and cool composure. His only weakness? He can’t resist beautiful women.

City Hunter is a Japanese manga series created by Tsukasa Hojo, serialized in 1985 and adapted into an anime by Sunrise Studios in 1987, achieving popularity across Asia and Europe. The franchise has since expanded into multiple adaptations and spin-offs worldwide, including anime series, feature films, live-action films (including a Hong Kong film starring Jackie Chan and a French film), video games, and a Korean TV drama. Additionally, it inspired a spin-off manga titled “Angel Heart,” which also received anime and live-action adaptations.

City Hunter premieres April 25, only on Netflix.

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