Guild of Guardians Launches on iOS and Android with $1 Million in Prizes


Immutable Games has launched its highly anticipated mobile RPG, Guild of Guardians (GOG), now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Developed in collaboration with Mineloader, the game invites players to save the world of Elderym from destruction by assembling a team of Guardians. The game’s release follows a successful limited launch in Canada, where it earned a 4.9/5 rating.

Guild of Guardians features intense gameplay, including Dungeons, Boss Rush, and Arena competitions. The initial global event, “Age of the Dread,” offers players the chance to compete for up to $1 million in $GOG prizes, along with exclusive rewards such as Founder NFTs and Ascendant Seals. The game has already attracted over 1 million pre-registered users.


Justin Hulog, Chief Studio Officer for Immutable Games, emphasized the game’s dynamic gameplay and sustainable rewards system. “GOG is driven by players and offers ownership at their fingertips,” he said, noting its significant achievement for a web3 mobile game.Act 1, “The Dread is Here,” introduces new game features, PvP experiences, and a variety of competitions. Future acts, “Guardians Unite” and “Divine Beasts Emerge,” will expand the game with new social mechanics, Guild Raids, and additional content.

Chris Clay, Game Director, highlighted the collaborative efforts with Mineloader in developing a robust game engine designed for live operations. Executive Producer Priya Keshyap outlined plans for ongoing feature testing and player engagement.

Guild of Guardians’ launch event included a cinematic trailer and behind-the-scenes insights. The game is available for download now on both major app stores.

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