MNL48 announces result of the First General Election


Hallohallo Entertainment has announced on Saturday the official result of the First General Election of AKB48’s soon-to-be-launched sister group MNL48.

The first MNL48 General Election took place on April 28 at Studio 4 and Center Road in ABS-CBN.

MNL48 1st Generation Members | via MNL48 website

The announcement of Senbatsu or the top 16 girls was televised live on ABS-CBN’s noontime show “It’s Showtime” while the rankings for the 17th to 48th, and Kenkyuusei (trainees) were aired on MNL48’s Online Update via its social media accounts.

Shekinah Arzaga from Quezon City was crowned center girl of this year’s election. Abby Trinidad and Marsela Guia ranked second and third, respectively.

Finalists Christine Coloso, Zennae Inot, Alice de Leon and Trixie Tano were also included in the top 7 (Kami 7).

As part of the Kami 7, they will have a chance on big opportunities such as product endorsements, recording contracts and performance with AKB48 and the members from other international sister groups. They also be going to Japan for an exclusive training with AKS.

Completing the top 16 are the following girls: Quincy Santillan, Mary Grace Buenaventura, Lara Layar, Faith Santiago, Sayaka Awane, Jem Caldejon, Gab Skribikin, Ash Garcia, and Ella Amat.

Here are the full result of the General Election:

The ranking of the First Generation members were based from the votes they earned on the MNL48 Plus app during the General Election voting period from April 14 to April 27 until 1PM.

The First Generation members were later on presented to the fans for the first time at ABS-CBN Center Road. Each member was given a chance to thank their supporters and answer some of their questions.

The First Generation members will be performing daily at their very own MNL48 Theater. They will also have their music recording under Star Music, and training under AKS, and be the first Filipino endorsers of Tokyo Girls Collection that will soon open in the Philippines.