MNL48 holds election for Team Captain, Overall Captain


Another election was held right after the MNL48’s First General Election (Senbatsu) during the live online stream last May 2-5. The second election was set to determine the Team Captains for each team, including the Research Students (Kenkyuusei). The election will also select the Overall Captain for the whole sister group.

Prior to the elections, the 48 first generation members were grouped into the three teams. The team members were as follows:


Team MII members
Alice / Cess / Dana / Erica / Essel / Faith / Jan / Mae / Necca / Nice / Sayaka / Sha / Shaira / Trixie / Van

Team NIV members
Abby / Aly / Alyssa / Belle / Brei / Daryll / Ecka / Ella / Hazel / Jaydee / Jem / Lara / Madie / Ruth / Zen

Team L members
Ash / Dian / Gabb / Gia / Grace / Jewel / Kay / Kyla / Lei / Mari / Princess / Quincy / Sela / Shaira / Thea / Tin

Team Captains were later selected via voting of the members of each team.

Fan favorites Alice De Leon and Faith Santiago ran for Team MII Captain with the former winning the title with 13-3 votes. Ericka Sibug (Ecka) was voted as Captain in Team NIV winning against Abelaine Trinidad (Abby), 11-7 after the second round of voting. In Team L, Kaede Ishiyama (Kay) won the favor of the majority after 5 team members ran for the position.

For the Kenkyuusei members, they have voted Carol Reyes (Arol) as their Team Captain, winning against 3 fellow team members.

As Team Captains, Arol, Alice, Ecka and Kay will act as a liaison between the management and the Team Members. They will also act as the spokespersons of the group for the team members’ concern.

Alice, Ecka and Kay also became eligible to be voted as Overall Captain for the whole MNL48 group. The election for Overall Captain was held last May 5 during the final MNL48 Online Update. As with the election for the Team Captains, the Overall Captain was selected via voting from all 48 members.

With 31 votes, MII Team Captain Alice won the title for Overall Captain. She will be the representative and main spokesperson for the AKB48 sister group. Alice happily accepted the responsibility of being the first MNL48 Captain.

“Thank you for voting for me. I will do my best. I will never let you down.”, Alice said in a speech at the end of the live stream. She also asked for the cooperation of each members for the betterment of the group.