Four MNL48 girls bid goodbye to the group


Four members of MNL48’s First Generation have announced their decision to leave the group Friday night.

Trixie Tano and Zen Inot, who were members of the Kami 7 have bid goodbye of their idol journeys in a video message, which is aired during their online program MNLife. The other two are Vanessa Yap and Mae Batocael.


Trixie explained that she needs to focus on her studies after learning that she will be not graduating from Grade 12 this year. She also apologized to her supporters in the video. Zen said the trainings and being away from her family and friends made it really hard for her to stay. Despite of this, she really enjoyed her time with the group.

Vanessa and Mae cite hard training and homesickness, respectively on reason of leaving.

With this development, Senbatsu members Ella Amat and Ashley Garcia will take the spot left by the two Kami 7 members. Alyssa Garcia and Erica Sanico will enter as new members of the Senbatsu. Kenkyusei members Andi Garcia, Coleen Trinidad, Rans Rifol, and Niña Guirnalda will fill in the 4 spots.

The members of the Kami 7 is set to fly to Japan this June to train with AKS, the talent agency that handles the popular Japanese idol group AKB48. The group has yet to release their first album although they already performed the Filipino versions of AKB48 songs during their first fan meet.