HHE announces departure of Quincy from MNL48


Hallohallo Entertainment (HHE), the operator of Filipino idol group MNL48, announced on Thursday the departure of idol member Quincy Santillan from the girl group.

In an official statement, the company explained the reason of her “separation” to the group.


“Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. (HHE) would like to officially announce the separation of Quincy to MNL48 due to personal reasons,” explained by the statement published on their official website.

The company, together with other members of the group understand and respect her decision. The company also thanked Quincy for the talent and dedication she shared to the group and, wish her all the best.

With Quincy’s departure, Ella Amat has been promoted to regular from being a Kenkyuusei member. Ella will also be joining Team L to replace Santillan.

Unranked member Essel Montaos has been reinstated as trainee and will be joining TGC Senbatsu as a member.