WATCH: SKE48 Jurina Matsui surprises sister group in Manila


Japanese idol and SKE48 member Jurina Matsui made a surprise visit during the practice session of MNL48, the idol group unveiled on Friday.

After the initial shock of seeing one of their highly admired senior, the girls introduced themselves to Matsui one by one in Japanese.


Matsui expressed her delight that the girls did not feel intimidated by presence, as with her previous experience from other juniors. She commented that she gained strength and energy from the girl’s performance and that she is now a fan of MNL48.

Matsui Jurina is one the current members of SKE48, AKB48 and MNL48’s sister group based in Nagoya.

She was part of the AKB48 senbatsu who performed the orignal versions of the songs that are now part of the MNL48’s latest upcoming single, ‘Ikaw ang Melody’. She also became the center girl for the AKB48’s 2008 hit single ‘Ōgoe Diamond’ and 2019’s ‘Sentimental Train’.

In May 2018, she participated in the South Korean competition show, Produce 48, where she ranked 13th place before withdrawing from the competition due to health issues.

She is currently visiting Manila for business.