MNL48 idol Ecka Sibug announces graduation


MNL48 announced on Wednesday that idol Ecka Sibug will be graduating from being an idol to “pursue personal endeavors.”

She will depart from the idol group industry to take on a different career path, the statement explained.


“Being part of MNL48 for 3 years has brought me to new lessons and opportunities. I’ve gained pains turned into lessons, co-aspirants turned into a family, and confidence that made me realized that I should continue that passion I have. This experience tested me and motivated me to keep on going and growing. I am beyond grateful for all these experiences knowing that I am not alone with this journey. All these are engraved to my hearts and will be forever treasured.” Ecka said on a statement posted on the group’s official website.

“My journey will not end from here. This is just a new beginning. I am still the Ecka you knew but a better version of Ericka. A person who treasures and holds all the things I have learned. Thank you so much for joining me in my journey. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be grateful. I, MNL48 Ecka, celebrating this MNL48 journey with you. My flight will not stop. I will surely soar high. However, my journey will now move to a different direction. I am your Captain, finally taking off!” she added.

She also made a separate personal statement on her official Facebook page.

Ecka is the Captain of Team NIV.