Horie Mitsuko, singer of ‘Voltes V’ opening returns to Manila for Christmas TOYCON 2023


Renowned Japanese artist, HORIE MITSUKO, known as the original vocalist of the Voltes V theme song, is set to make an appearance at the 16th Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair, also known as Christmas TOYCON.

With a distinguished career in acting, voice acting, and singing, Mitsuko has brought popular anime characters to life, including Sailor Galaxia in Sailor Moon Sailor Stars and Remi in Remi, Nobody’s Girl.


In the world of Super Sentai, Mitsuko showcased her vocal talents by collaborating with Isao Sasaki on opening themes for classic series like Himitsu Sentai Gorenger and Ninja Captor. She also lent her voice to Beron the ghost in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger The Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship.

Attendees at the event will have the exclusive opportunity to experience the live performance of Horie Mitsuko on the Christmas Toycon stage at the SM Megatrade Halls on December 16. Mitsuko’s return to the Philippines adds to the excitement, marking her first visit since 2017.

Stay tuned for further updates and registration details, to be announced soon at the TokuSpirits Facebook page.

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