Ultraman’s “Ultra Fight Victory” film to be screened in the Philippines this August

Ultraman Ginga S spin-off series Ultra Fight Victory is scheduled to screen in Philippine cinemas on August 30, according to SM Cinema website.

Originally a television miniseries of 3-minute episodes, Ultra Fight Victory is a direct spin-off from Ultraman Ginga S The movie: Decisive Battle! The 10 Ultra Warriors. The series premiered as part of the Shin Ultraman Retsuden block on March 31 – June 23, 2015 succeeding Ultra Zero Fight.


SM Cinema describes the film as follows: Yapool has returned after being injured in Ultraman Ginga S. He masterminds several attacks on Shou’s homeworld in an attempt to get to the Victorium Core. Ultraman Hikari appears and grants Shou the ability to transform into Knight Mode with the Knight Timbre. Now free from their Spark Doll forms, some of the Showa Ultras join Victory in his fight.

The film is distributed by CrystalSky Multimedia, which also released Ultraman Ginga S The Movie in the Philippines.